Ann Geise Art

​​As an artist from the Midwest (Cincinnati, Ohio) much of my work represents the landscapes and wildlife that can be found in southern Ohio. I tend to paint subjects that I see everyday either out the back door or just down the road — rural farmscapes, backyard birds, local fauna and flora. Different seasons and changing light conditions keep familiar subjects fresh and new.  

I also love to travel and experience new environments. When traveling I do so with an artist's eye. I'm always looking, seeing details, and composing paintings in my head whether on a hiking, birding or a travel-adventure trip. If I wasn't an artist I wonder how well I'd see my surroundings!

Before I started painting with oils in the mid-1990s I worked in watercolor, and still do depending on the project. For me watercolor (or in combination with color pencil) works best for rendering fine details of nature illustrations. I am involved with a number of nature conservation groups and create art pieces to help educate people about the wonder of nature diversity.

I should mention that I've been a student of natural history for as long as I can remember, learning the local plants and animal species, and how everything is interconnected. After completing my biology BS degree from Northern Kentucky University I worked in pharmaceutical research for several years. Eventually my nature and art interests converged at Cincinnati Nature Center where I was the Artist & Exhibits Manager for 19 years, designing and illustrating the Center's publications and interpretive exhibits. It was during that time I really honed my art and naturalist skills.   I now create art from my home studio in Batavia, Ohio and continue my studies of planet Earth.

Professional art memberships:

Society Of Animal Artists, signature member http://www.societyofanimalartists.com/

Greenacres Artist Guild, signature member  


Masterworks for Nature